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Monday, February 2, 2015

Ode to the Fallen 44


Just to correct misconceptions and excuses, the incident wasn't a misencounter - it was a deliberate trap.

Here's the thing: the SAF operations already had the sanction of the big-wigs of the national office and the president himself knew what was going on. However, since it's supposedly a "covert" one, then you obviously can't blab about it to other police stations and military units. The "no coordination" thing was obviously an excuse because it ended up botched.

The main goal of the covert operation was to find leads to if not retrieve the two Jemaah Islamiyah terrorists who're currently housed by the MILF.

The operation failed for obvious reasons:
(1) lack of strategy, thorough planning and preparation on the side of the SAF
(2) complacency (they were still in the data gathering process and were expecting the MILF forces to honor the peace pact and the ceasefire agreement)
(3) the MILF betrayed the trust that was supposedly established by the pact
(4) the MILF connived with the BIFF (they're obviously the ones who cornered the SAF when they retreated from the MILF)

I wouldn't discount the possibility of a traitor within their ranks. For a covert operation to fail that badly, resulting to near-annihilation of the police troops deployed in that area, it only means one thing: someway, somehow MILF members got wind of it just in time to plan an ambush with the BIFF. How? Only the traitor knows the details.

What's really bothering me is that the MILF agreed to sign the agreement yet still had the gall to welcome terrorists into their fold. From the outset, the MILF already broke the treaty long before it was implemented.